Other Cool Stuff We Do.

Cruise Controls:

We can add cruise control to most vehicles, automatic and manual transmissions included.  More and more new vehicles we are seeing aren't including cruise control as the "vehicle standard" anymore.  Problem solved.  Prices start at $399, depending on the vehicle.  Call for an exact quote.

Radar Detectors:

Do you have a lead foot?  We have on-dash units that can simply plug into your adapter, or choose a vehicle-specific mount & have it hardwired to keep a clean, cordless look.  You can take that one step further and invest in a custom-installed hideaway system.

Heated Seats:

Heated seats can be installed in your car for $249 per seat.  That's right - even cloth seats.  Get one for yourself, or be nice and get one for your passenger too!

Power Locks & Keyless Entry:

If your vehicle didn't come with power locks, we can install door actuators that will operate off of a new keyless entry system. 

Custom Work:

If you haven't seen what you're looking for yet, just call & ask us!  There's not a lot of projects we won't tackle and we love doing custom work.